—Read: The AI Garden as a 4th Nature

In this research [download pdf hereI am looking at machine learning systems to search for possible equivalence for some of the benefits physical gardens comprise. I try to identify what is unique about the experience of a garden which is beyond the physical and the haptic, and to examine which similar values could be resembled through the use of machine learning. 
I examine in what way AI is a threat for creators and for society in general, and lastly, I explore how ideas from garden design history and theory might influence the discipline of art and design based on AI.
How might the metaphor of a garden be used as a way to bridge AI and artists? What would be the role of the artist or the designer while working with AI? Could it be compared to the role of a gardener?

In a world where AI is scary to many, can looking at AI through the lens of gardens make it less scary and more accessible?


Data Fossils is a speculative project imagining futuristic archaeology and alien anthropological research. Assuming a site might completely demolish and the only remnant would be digital data from photos, how might a physical restoration look like if a machine is doing an automatic translation from 2D to 3D? 


Inflate is an experiential installation provoking against  monopolism and dominance of a tiny oligarchy.


“It is the artistic mission to penetrate as far as may be toward that secret ground where primal law feeds growth.”

- Paul Klee


The AI Garden research

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