Destabilising Common Grounds - Participatory Installation

How can we promote reciprocity after centuries of extraction of human and natural resources?
The coronavirus crisis exposed our societies’ vulnerabilities and the disastrous ecological implications of nurturing competition and hierarchy.

Destabilised Common Grounds is a set of performative installations and workshops revealing the wisdom of moss colonies. It invites a deep engagement with a fascinating community that we tend to overlook - mosses.

Mosses are uncompetitive, slow and extremely resilient. Moss can survive long stressed conditions in drought or freeze due to its colony structure and sensitivity to environmental changes. Moss colonies are a fascinating antithesis to human capitalist value systems.

This project investigates how the interaction with a biological entity activates kinship and introduces a shift in the meaning of value.

Audiences are invited to influence the moss’s climate and see the impact of their actions on the moss landscape’s condition in real-time. The participants’ interventions act as a metaphor and as a reflective tool to human and non-human relationships.  

This project sees the vital link between society and ecology and proposes bio-entities as an aid for true reciprocity within communities and the biosphere.

Data Fossils is a speculative project imagining futuristic archaeology and alien anthropological research. Assuming a site might completely demolish and the only remnant would be digital data from photos, how might a physical restoration look like if a machine is doing an automatic translation from 2D to 3D? 


Inflate is an experiential installation provoking against  monopolism and dominance of a tiny oligarchy.


“It is the artistic mission to penetrate as far as may be toward that secret ground where primal law feeds growth.”

- Paul Klee


The AI Garden research

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