Destabilising Common Grounds - Workshop

A moss rug acts as a board game. Each player gets a territory. Their goal is to keep it the greenest and most prosperous area. During the game, the players influence the climate of the moss using water spray, hot air and manipulating the rug’s topography. As the game progresses they would discover how their actions affect the moss’s condition. Would they try to change the course of the game and collaborate to try and balance the moss rug?

Data Fossils is a speculative project imagining futuristic archaeology and alien anthropological research. Assuming a site might completely demolish and the only remnant would be digital data from photos, how might a physical restoration look like if a machine is doing an automatic translation from 2D to 3D? 


Inflate is an experiential installation provoking against  monopolism and dominance of a tiny oligarchy.


“It is the artistic mission to penetrate as far as may be toward that secret ground where primal law feeds growth.”

- Paul Klee


The AI Garden research

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