Nirit is an artist, designer and researcher, doing her PhD at the IGGI ‘Intelligent Games Game Intelligence’ program at Queen Mary Univerisy of London, UK. Her work explores the interconnection between society, economy and ecology.

Nirit seeks ways to provoke thoughts about the meaning of care, and researches triangular feedback loops of technological, human and natural ecosystems. Using participatory installations, videos and workshops, she creates experiences for humans to interact with their biosphere.

Recent and ongoing projects include 'Mutuality in the Biosphere' workshops at RCA2021, and at The Potting Shed by Collective Matter (Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, Slough) and Webs in collaboration with Kings College Synthetic Anatomy Department.

Nirit has an MA in Information Experience Design from the Royal College of Art and a B.Des from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem. She has a professional background in visual communication, editorial and book design and in textile design and received the Design Award from the Israel Ministry of Culture. Nirit worked with cultural institutions such as the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel Museum Jerusalem, Peres Center for Peace. Nirit is a faculty member at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design & Art, where she received the Faculty Excellence Award.

Awards & Scholarships:
Faculty Excellence in Teaching Reward, Shenkar College of Engineering Design & Art, 2018
Faculty Excellence in Teaching Reward, ShenkarCollege of Engineering Design & Art, 2017
Jerusalem Development Authority Innovative project award, Combinanation, Jerusalem Design Week‭, 2017
Loreber Prize for Excellence in Teaching, Shenkar College of Engineering Design & Art, 2014
Best Designer Award, Israel Ministry of Culture and Sports, 2011
Graphic Design’s New Global Generation - Laurence King Publishing, United Kingdom, 2011
Sharet Foundation Award for Excellent Student Project, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem, 2005

Selected Exhibitions:
Green Grads at Planted, London DEsign Week, Samsung KX King’s Cross, London, September, 2021
Mutuality in the Biosphere (exhibition & workshops) collaboration with Liina Lember and Collective Matter, Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, Slough, July 2021
Beep Beep, Menier Gallery, London, July 2021
The Art Spaceship, V.Art, online, February 2021
The Crypt Gallery, London, December 2019
490 Canes, TLV Artists House, Tel-Aviv, June, 2018
Table of Content, The Edmond de Rothschild Center, Tel Aviv, April, 2018
Combination, Hansen House, Jerusalem Design Week, Jerusalem, May, 2016
Cir-Tex Centre Innovations, Shenkar, Juna, 2016
Design Awards Exhibition - Israel Ministry of Culture and Sports,
Petach-Tikwa Museum of Art, June, 2011
Israeli Book Design, The Farm Gallery, Holon, October, 2011
Designed in Israel, Israel Design Foundation, July, 2008
Sharet Award Exhibition, Tel Aviv University Gallery, July, 2007

IED Beep Beep, Menier Gallery, Lodnon, July 2021
Design Sins, The Annual Exhibition of Visual Communication, Jaffa-Tel-Aviv, July 2019
From Objects to Print, Shenkar, Ramat-Gan, February 2016 
Book-Space-Time, Sipur-Pashut, Jaffa-Tel-Aviv, June 2014 

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Data Fossils is a speculative project imagining futuristic archaeology and alien anthropological research. Assuming a site might completely demolish and the only remnant would be digital data from photos, how might a physical restoration look like if a machine is doing an automatic translation from 2D to 3D? 


Inflate is an experiential installation provoking against  monopolism and dominance of a tiny oligarchy.


“It is the artistic mission to penetrate as far as may be toward that secret ground where primal law feeds growth.”

- Paul Klee


The AI Garden research

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